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Me and You

Everyday I pray for our relationship :') I hope we stay forever, I also hope you will tolerate my temperament :( I hate quarrel with you . I don't know why we become like this :( Everyday we fight about stupid nonsense thing, I'm very sad :'( I miss the old us . Where is the old us go bie? :'( Sometimes, i really think deep down into my heart and i will ask if i do love him?, do i need him in my life? do i miss him? the answer is still the same :') YES I DO LOVE YOU, I DO NEED YOU IN MY LIFE and I DO MISS YOU SO MUCH :( But why are we still fight about nonsense thing b? This seems like a test for our relationship? Never Mind . Be patient as long as possible . Survive as long as can honey . Please love me for who i am :'( May I ask you something? Hmm, Do you love me? Do you miss me? Do you need me in your life? :'( I was hoping that you will say you love me, you miss me and you need me in your life :') That is the most sweet words for me from you :') Thanks for make me happy sayang :) Thanks to you too for success change my life become a better one :') Hmmm . . But I often feel worried . Worry about you, our relation, your feeling towards me . Worried about my behavior that can make you felt annoying and all that . But I want you to know that I trust you more that everything sayang :) I hope you trust me too even I once make mistakes toward you :( I'm sorry . Sorry for what I have done . Sorry for everything :'( But if you do not love me, please tell me . If you hate me, please tell me too . I wasn't hoping but i just say if :( Even it may hurt my feeling . I must accept it, right? Thanks for the best memories that you gave me until now . I will remember until the day i die :') I promise . Never thought we could stand until 6months 2weeks 2days :') I realy love you Syabil Firdauz . Thanks to you because come into my life :)

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