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About yesterday

Salam readers,

Hm . Yesterday wasn't good day for me . Realy make me sad :'( With *A* thing and him . Human cant avoid from making a mistake right ? Yes im admit that i use to make a mistake to him . You probably know what i felt . But it realy make me feel down , and realy down . How could *A* said that to me . Im her *a*g*t*r :( But anyway, im still trying to change . Im doing it just for you . Remember my promise to you ? Yeah, the one that I said that Im gonna change my attitude . Hm . Its realy make sense now . Doesn't care if they get angry or something . They still our *a*e*t* . We can't talk then back or high the voice . Right ? Even if I said that I realy not feel satisfied with ur advice . But now I can accept what were you trying to tell me . Thanx you so much, because of you i already realized my mistake . Sorry if i done a lot of mistake to you :'( I know you just stand my attitude, right ? SORRY :( Just after we *i*h*t , I can feel that we *h*n*e . kekok sikit bila kite err, i mean after *a*u*h . Im realy sad :'( Truly sad . Miss you badly :'( like realy fucking miss you . I L Y .

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